Rules – School tournament

  1. This active chess tournament, in which each player will have 25 minutes per game, will be played by Swiss System to nine rounds between 18th and 19th March 2023 and will be valid for the School Circuit of Navarre’s Chess Federation.
  2. The venue for the tournament will be the Ikastola Paz de Ziganda (Villava, Navarra).
  3. The tournament will have 4 categories: under-8, under-10, under-12 and Special (under-14, under-16 or lower categories with >1200 ELO FIDE)
  4. The schedule of the game rounds will be as follows:
    • March 18th: 11-11’50 h., 1st round; 12’05-12’55 h., 2nd round; 13’10-14’00 h., 3rd round; 17-17’50 h., 4th round; 18.05-18.55 h .; 5th round and 19’10-20’00 h. 6th round.
    • March 19th: 10’00-10.50 h., 7th round; 11’05-11’55 h., 8th round and 12’10-13’00 h., 9th round.
  5. The double absence of a player or an unjustified absence will cause their elimination from the tournament. It will be Organization’s decision whether to eliminate the player who does not appear in the first round. It is considered absece to a game to reach to the board with more than 10 minutes of delay on the start of the game.
  6. Each player can ask up to 3 byes, asking to an arbiter before the ending of the previous round. The player will get half point for each bye. There is no option to ask for a bye in the last round.
  7. For the first round pairings, players will be ranked according to their international rating. If they do not have international rating, then according to the national or regional rating and, lastly, in alphabetical order.
  8. The decisions of the Arbiters will be firm for all purposes.
  9. No analysis will be allowed in the game room.
  10. Participants are advised to notify an arbitrator when they are away from the game room during their matches.
  11. Pairs, which will be done with computer software, will be displayed in the game room.
  12. Claims to the pairing will only be taken in case the item subject to the claim involves (this claim must be done no more than five minutes after it has been made public):
    • Facing the same rival for the second time
    • Play the same color for the third consecutive time (except in the last round)
    • Play with one color three times more than with the other (except in the last round).
  13. Ties in the final classification will be solved by the following systems and in the order they are expressed:
    1. Bucholz excepting the worst rival
    2. Average rating performance of opponents.
    3. Total Bucholz.
    4. Number of victories.
  14. This tournament will be governed by the in force regulations of the F.I.D.E. All participants are subjected to these regulations during the course of the competition.
  15. No report will be submitted to FIDE for evaluation.
  16. Participants in the tournament authorize the publication of their relevant personal data (lists of results, classifications, participants, games, etc.) in the different media that the organization deems appropriate for the necessary dissemination of the event.
  17. The organization reserves the right to refuse any registration.
  18. Registration in the tournament implies acceptance of the present rules.
  19. Other rules will be according to the rules of the School Circuit of Navarre’s Chess Federation. FNA/NXK collaborates with the tournament.
  20. These rules are valid except for typographical errors.