Tournament registration

Registration fee:

  • Open:
    • Regular: 30 €
    • Under 18: 15 €
    • GM and MI for free
  • School tournament:
    • For free

Please fill out the form below to register. You will receive an email confirming the registration (we will contact as soon as we can, so please kindly bear with us). Please note that registration is not effective until you receive the confirmation email. No registrations will be admitted after March 14th at 20:00.

    • Name and Surname

    • Birth year (only for school tournament)

    • Team (only for school tournament)

    • Email (required to receive the confirmation)

    Open (adults)

    I accept the rules of the tournament

    Remember that you may also register in the tournament sending an e-mail to

    Due to FNA's CIRCUIT regulations, registrations for the school tournament will be made through the FNA. Paz de ziganda students can request more information at